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Accelerate your marketing success with Google Ad management from Mack Media Solutions.


Accelerate Your Marketing Success With Google Ads Management

While advertising strategies like website design and SEO can be a great tool to grow your business, these strategies take time to show results. Conversely, Google Ads results can come much faster. Essentially, Google Ads are your secret weapon for fast-tracking your business to the top of Google search results. They can also help your business get seen in other key areas on the web—such as the Google Display Network and YouTube—to boost brand awareness among your target audience.

Designing successful Google Ads and navigating the Google Ad Manager can be complex tasks, so your business may need a hand completing these tasks to get your ad campaigns up and running. Mack Media Solutions can handle the entire process, keeping you in the loop with monthly reporting.

How Google Ads Can Grow Your Business

Google Ads get your business more visibility on the web quickly, and you don’t have to pour your entire marketing budget into Google Ads to see results. You have full control over your ad spend with daily budgets and bid strategies to optimize ROI and prevent overspending. You can compete with large, national chains to boost your local presence and drive up website visits, phone calls, and foot traffic.

Our experienced Google Ads specialists can launch your ad campaign quickly, but the work doesn’t stop there. We continually monitor and optimize your ads to improve quality scores, which yields better ad placement. That means more visibility, more clicks, and more revenue for your business.

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Types of Google Ads Campaigns

There are several ways to leverage the power of Google Ads to see the results you’re looking for. You may choose to run multiple ad campaigns or focus on just one strategy to grow your business.

Google Search Campaigns

With Google Search campaigns, keywords are king. We’ll research the right keywords to match users’ search queries, so your ads are shown to the most relevant, high-intent audiences. That yields more clicks and conversions.

Google Performance Max Campaigns

Google Performance Max campaigns represent the next generation in Google Ads. These campaigns put machine learning and advanced automation to work to optimize ad placements across Google platforms. These campaigns dynamically target users with demonstrated high intent or previous interactions with your brand, maximizing conversions and engagement for your business.

YouTube Campaigns

We utilize compelling video content tailored to the audience’s interests and behaviors, so we can strategically deliver ads to users who have shown high intent or engaged with your brand before. This yields meaningful engagement, brand recall, and conversions on the YouTube platform.

Display Campaigns

Google Ads can not only target users who are not familiar with your brand, but they can also retarget users who have visited your website before but not made a purchase. By utilizing visually appealing image creatives and strategically displaying them to users who have demonstrated high intent or previous interactions with your brand, we deliver personalized messages across relevant websites and platforms to re-engage users and drive conversions.