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Drive Traffic to Your Website With Social Media Marketing

With smartphones constantly at our fingertips, people are spending more time on social media every day. The average internet user spends a whopping 151 minutes on social media each day, which makes having a social media strategy valuable for your business. With the right social media management tools, you can meet your current and potential customers where they’re spending most of their time online, building your brand recognition and gaining more trust with your target audience. Plus, by building your social media presence, you can drive more traffic to your website, which will boost your other marketing efforts.

Build Your Social Media Presence With Mack Media Solutions

Regardless of which social platforms your business is on, all social media channels have one thing in common—they move quickly. Simply putting up an occasional post isn’t enough to keep your followers interested and gain new followers for your brand. That’s why we’ll create a consistent social media marketing plan with regular posts that keep your users engaged. While building a social media editorial calendar, we’ll work to capture your unique brand voice and better understand your target audience, so we can speak to them in ways that drive more engagement.

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

The right social media platform for your business depends somewhat on your target audience. However, for many businesses, Facebook is a good place to start. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform by marketers because 70% of American adults use this platform. Instagram is another popular space for digital advertisers because it sees the highest rates of user engagement and can yield the highest ROI for businesses.

If you have a great website and rank well in organic searches on Google and other search engines, you might wonder if social media marketing is truly necessary. Social media is a powerful tool for almost all businesses. It can play a key role in consumer research to find the perfect products for their needs, and it also offers a more personal connection for consumers to the brands they purchase from. Social media facilitates a two-way conversation between brands and customers, so you can speak directly to your customers and answer their questions, respond to their feedback, and take their suggestions in real time.

Organic social media marketing is most effective for engaging with internet users who are already familiar with your brand. It may help you nurture leads and drive previous customers back to your business. However, you can leverage social media to reach new audiences with social media ads. Mack Media Solutions can help you with both elements of social media marketing, so that you’re poised for success.